Getting Started

I’ve used asciinema for a very long time and the biggest problem is making flawless recordings. It is hard to avoid making mistakes, especially when creating a long recording. Also, sometimes, you’re in the middle of recording and you want to consult documentation.

asciinema-director is a library that uses pexpect to interact with asciinema to create the cast files for you. It makes it so that you can write your commands into a screenplay file, sit back and relax.


Use pip.

$ pip install asciinema-director
$ asciinema-director --help                                                                                                                                                      git:(master*)
Usage: asciinema-director [OPTIONS] SRC DEST

-D, --delay FLOAT
--help             Show this message and exit.

Screenplay File

The screenplay file is the instruction file that you provide.


Design the screenplay file format.