Source code for asciinema_director.director

#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

"""director file, contains core logic.

[docs]def direct(commands, destination, delay=0.001): """Converts a source instruction file into destination recording.""" import pexpect import time client = pexpect.spawn(f"asciinema rec {destination}") time.sleep(2) for command in commands: print(command) # FIXME: Wait for prompt instead of this ugly time.sleep time.sleep(1) for char in command: client.send(char) time.sleep(delay) # UGLY: Adjust delay so it is a little less 'robotic' client.sendline("") # client.sendline(command) client.sendline("exit") client.close()
[docs]def direct_from_file(src_file, destination, delay=0.001): """Create asciicast file from source file.""" with open(src_file) as f: commands = list(f.readlines()) direct(commands, destination, delay)